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When moving to the Villages, please consider Checkmate Movers llc. Reliable, fair pricing and on time. We specialize in interstate moves and local village to village household moves. For a senior community like the Villages, Florida, for movers in Ocala or movers in the villages we recommend : .

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With over 55 reviews on Google you know we value our reputation. We have been in business for many years and have quite a few great reviews. Of course, the only move that really counts is yours! We do our best to be on time, be polite, work to the best of our ability, and deliver your household goods and furniture to you as we picked it up in great condition.


John R. 1/20/2020

I have moved so many times & CheckMate Movers made my last move the VERY BEST.  Ryan and his two other movers were polite, professional, neat & went above & beyond with helping me set up the furniture. Ryan was SO FLEXIBLE when I had to change my moving date due to a death in the family.  He worked with me to make the move as STRESS-FREE as possible!  The cost was the best I have experienced, and the value was great.


Sally G. 6/20/2020

What a wonderful company to move with. Courteous, on time and keep their word on the quote. His 3 laborers did an excellent job packing our house and then unloading. Even though It was a short move in The Villages of Florida, it went well and was fairly priced. Thank you, Ryan …


George T. 7/8/2020

Ryan was a huge help and lead a successful move from Ohio to the Villages, Florida for a business interstate move. Checkmate Movers was reasonable, prompt, and fair with prices. We had a 3 bedroom home and his laborers were polite and efficient. What more can I say?  Whether you need a short move or interstate call him!

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“We treat your move like family.”

Interstate moving tips.

Long distance interstate moving can be one of the most pleasant opportunities in a person’s life. It’s usually expensive, as is labour intensive, sorting, packing, moving, and unloading everything in a brand new Villages, Florida Home. In any case, it does not have to be that way, not if a person is set up for the procedure before a single thing is placed in the first absolute box. With the direct advice that comes with it, switching between states will not be easy, but maybe part of the frenzy can be mastered.

So here are the seven tips to plan an interstate move

1. Planning for interstate move

Interstate move checklist : First, write a summary of the points of interest, including the time it takes to complete certain tasks, e.g. B. Boxing clothing or dishes, regardless of the need for expert assistance, how many boxes needed per room, the phone or connection to move and everything that needs to be considered .

2. Start early to choose a long distance mover

Make sure that you start planning a move a few months before moving. Check interstate movers ratings. First pack unnecessary things, like normal clothes out of season. Sell ​​or separate yourself from things that are not yet necessary at this time. Deliver the new location to specialist organizations, charity -related foundations and anyone else who needs it within seven days of moving. At the end of the day, pack items such as kitchen utensils and clothing.

Starting early for a great long distance mover is a basic and important step.

3. Build the new house or clean it first

Any redesign, whether it’s a hint of color or a complete leveling of the room, must be completed before moving in. Also, clean the entire house or apartment before moving in, as there is no guarantee in the past that the owners have done so. The Villages Florida, as well as central Florida, has a huge amount of tradespeople to help you paint, do electrical or tasks for handymen.

4. Order the packaging

Instead of randomly throwing things into boxes, keep things together in each room. Check the boxes according to the rooms, their contents if they are sensitive or essential, the name of the owner and the new location. Mark each box with a number in a heavy pen or label . Make a list of each. Make sure that they are properly maintained to avoid shame.

5. Use what is available

Everything can be used for packaging, including bags, duffle bags, backpacks, luggage, huge compartments with lids, perfect clothes or even containers and empty trash cans. Pull-on the chest of drawers while there are still items in it. The clothes in the racks can be packed in garbage bags for easy movement when you decide on interstate moving and relocation for your group or individually. Remember to keep prescriptions and important papers in one place to carry with you personally. If you are traveling with any children – make sure there favorite toy or doll stays with them!

6. Glossy packaging for fragile items

Instead of wrapping bubbles or squeezing peanuts, use a cloth, napkin, clothing, or other delicate items to wrap the jar and various fragile items. Paper can also be used when the texture envelopes are completely worn out. Place plates side by side instead of on one to avoid breaking. Remember you can store some items you don’t want right away, Don’t overpack heavy boxes. Checkmate movers are great for interstate moving and storage.

7. Move furniture and electronics

If possible, disassemble larger parts such as supports and work areas to limit the space when moving furniture. Take photos of the interaction of the accessories with each material to simplify assembly. Collect all power cables and lines and flyers for each device in a plastic bag and name the object with which you can later limit the clutter. Checkmate is an interstate moving and relocation specialist. We can even help with heavy pianos.

So these are some of the important thing which can be helpful for long distance interstate moves.